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  • New Civil Engineer

    Monday 9 October, 2023

    Long waits for interconnector DCOs means missed financial and environmental opportunities

    “It can be difficult not to feel frustrated at the opportunities missed by delays. 

    Our project alone could be saving a million of tonnes of CO2a year (the equivalent of emissions from almost 600,000 fossil-fuelled cars). As capital costs become higher and the cost of construction and manufacturing becoming higher, delays mean opportunities to avoid these emissions have been irrevocably lost, investments are not made, jobs are not created, the Treasury and thus the public as a whole misses out on huge amounts of tax.”

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  • Proximo Infra

    Thursday 28 September, 2023

    AQUIND: Reaching beyond the red tape

    “Interconnectors like AQUIND are a vital part of the energy transition, transporting intermittent renewable energy from where it is being generated to where it is needed. They also make energy markets more efficient by connecting a greater number of electricity sources to the grid, potentially reducing consumers’ energy bills.

    The government’s goal of installing 18GW of interconnector capacity – up from 8.4GW today – by 2030 will drift out of reach if other projects are subjected to the tortuous permitting process experienced by AQUIND.”

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  • Business Age

    Tuesday 15 August, 2023

    Let's defeat the NIMBYs! Britain needs the Aquind electricity interconnector.

    ‘Hyper-local #NIMBYism, isn’t persuaded by national need or saving the planet but by the back-yard, and that as every politician knows is where votes grow.’

    @businessage_ Editor @charlesOJ

    #netzero #aquind #subseacable #ukneedsinterconnectors

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  • FTI consulting

    Friday 29 January, 2021

    AQUIND will deliver over £2.3bn in savings for GB electricity consumers and contribute to annual carbon abatement of 1,949 ktonnes of CO2 per year.

    In recent research on the role of cross-border transmission in the European transition to Net Zero, FTI Consulting analyzed the effect of various electricity interconnectors, including AQUIND.

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  • BBC

    Thursday 29 October, 2020

    Aquind Director, Richard Glasspool, has recently given an interview to a BBC programme (Politics South).

    In the interview Mr. Glasspool spoke about the benefits of AQUIND Interconnector and addressed some questions on cable installation in Portsmouth.

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  • BBC

    Friday 15 November, 2019

    Cross-Channel £1.1bn electricity link plan submitted by Aquind

    Aquind said the link, known as an interconnector, would “make a significant contribution to the security of Great Britain’s electricity supply and achieve greater affordability by improving competition”.

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