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  • FTI consulting

    Friday 29 January, 2021

    AQUIND will deliver over £2.3bn in savings for GB electricity consumers and contribute to annual carbon abatement of 1,949 ktonnes of CO2 per year.

    In recent research on the role of cross-border transmission in the European transition to Net Zero, FTI Consulting analyzed the effect of various electricity interconnectors, including AQUIND.

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  • BBC

    Thursday 29 October, 2020

    Aquind Director, Richard Glasspool, has recently given an interview to a BBC programme (Politics South).

    In the interview Mr. Glasspool spoke about the benefits of AQUIND Interconnector and addressed some questions on cable installation in Portsmouth.

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  • BBC

    Friday 15 November, 2019

    Cross-Channel £1.1bn electricity link plan submitted by Aquind

    Aquind said the link, known as an interconnector, would “make a significant contribution to the security of Great Britain’s electricity supply and achieve greater affordability by improving competition”.

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  • The Telegraph

    Wednesday 14 August, 2019

    Brexit in a blaze of no-deal glory would leave the climate, consumers and the Tories worse off

    Alexander Temerko, the Director of AQUIND, shares his opinion on the consequences of Brexit. 

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  • LinkedIn Pulse

    Monday 12 August, 2019

    Widespread power interruptions on Friday 9th August

    AQUIND’s advisor, Norman MacLeod, a leading global expert in high voltage electricity transmission, shares his thoughts on the recent UK “blackout” event. 

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  • The Parliament Magazine

    Friday 19 October, 2018

    Embracing Merchant Transmission Investment

    Regulatory policy for efficient electricity markets should establish merchant transmission investments as the ‘default’ option, argues Professor William W. Hogan.


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