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    Tuesday 23 January, 2018

    Private firm pushes ahead with UK-France power cable despite Brexit

    AQUIND is pushing ahead with plans to build a 1.22 billion pounds high-voltage undersea power cable between Britain and France despite uncertainties created by Brexit.

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  • Financial Times

    Monday 15 January, 2018

    Our friends electric: interconnection and Brexit

    AQUIND Interconnector is moving forward irrespective of Brexit

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  • Portsmouth News

    Monday 11 December, 2017

    Subsea cables to bring electricity to city from France

    Proposals have been drawn up to run electricity from mainland Europe to the UK, going through Portsmouth.

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  • Bloomberg

    Thursday 4 May, 2017

    Profit Beats Brexit in Biggest Race for Power Cables to U.K.

    Investment in new interconnection between the UK and Europe is growing strong, despite Brexit.

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  • The Times

    Saturday 15 April, 2017

    Keeping Britain connected to Europe — just as it leaves

    The Times looks at how undersea cables are helping to deliver greener energy

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  • Huffington Post

    Thursday 16 March, 2017

    Theresa May’s Industrial Team Focus On New UK-France Electricity Connection

    Aquind director, Alexander Temerko argues that supporting new interconnectors should become a priority for the UK Government to fulfil growing energy needs of the country

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