Portsmouth, 09 July 2024

Portsmouth Voices Strong Support for Aquind’s Interconnector Link

A new comprehensive, independent survey conducted by Savanta, one of the founding members of the British Polling Confederation, reveals that an overwhelming 69% of Portsmouth residents support the development of a new transmission link between Portsmouth and Normandy. This strong community endorsement highlights the public’s demand for initiatives that enhance energy affordability and contribute to environmental sustainability.

According to the survey, 94% of respondents noted an increase in energy costs in recent years, with 82% expressing dissatisfaction with current energy prices. Furthermore, a significant majority, 98%, believe the government should intensify efforts to combat climate and energy issues, with strong support for expanding energy transition infrastructure.

AQUIND is leading the charge with the most immediately deployable interconnector in Europe. The AQUIND Interconnector, with a 2GW capacity, is poised to meet approximately 5% of the UK’s energy needs, powering up to 5 million homes. It plays a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy costs—issues that Portsmouth residents are deeply passionate about.

The survey also highlighted a strong preference for renewable energy sources, with solar power emerging as the most popular choice. Residents expressed a willingness to endure temporary disruption if it leads to the achievement of net-zero goals, emphasising the community’s commitment to sustainable development.

The insights from the Savanta survey paint a picture of a community that is not only aware but also supportive of progressive energy solutions like AQUIND Interconnector. Residents recognise the significant benefits such projects will bring to their lives and to the environment.

With a new Government in charge of our country, and a highly ambitious programme of energy infrastructure construction, AQUIND is ready to be part of the solution. We are committed to delivering the UK and Europe’s newest interconnector, which will offer increase our grid resilience, lower energy prices, and reduce our carbon emissions,” said Ben Iorio, spokesperson for AQUIND. “Portsmouth has spoken. Their message is a powerful, clear call to action: Build the infrastructure our country needs to power our homes and businesses, safeguard our environment, and address the issue of rising energy costs.”

AQUIND remains dedicated to supporting the UK’s transition to a more sustainable and resilient energy system; it intends to share further insights from this pivotal survey over the coming days.


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About Aquind

AQUIND Interconnector is a bi-directional subsea electrical power transmission link between the UK and France. There is insufficient transmission infrastructure in the southeast of England. The new link will allow of electricity to flow in either direction, helping to boost energy security and resilience while also helping to integrate renewable energy sources in both countries.

AQUIND Interconnector will help reduce the impact of volatile gas and coal prices, which have caused electricity bills to increase this autumn and winter, by reducing the price of energy AQUIND Interconnector will help save British families money for the next 25 years.

AQUIND interconnector will provide an economic boost to Portsmouth through the creation of c.500 qualified full-time jobs during the (2 year) construction with additional investment into the local economy

AQUIND Limited has worked hard to ensure the temporary impacts associated with the installation of underground cables are minimised.

AQUIND interconnector will have a net capacity of 2 GW and will be able to transmit up to 17TWh per year, equivalent to 5% of Great Britain’s and 3% of France’s total annual electricity consumption. The project is ready to start construction on consent from the Secretary of State.

AQUIND interconnector will help integrate a greater proportion of non-fossil fuel energy sources and intermittent renewables into the GB energy mix, helping meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero target by reducing CO2 emissions by 22.5 – 25.7 million tonnes over 25 years, avoiding the curtailment of 73,000 – 87,000 GWh of renewable power and reducing the use of fossil fuels in power generation by 92,000 GWh (in equivalent).

For media inquiries, please contact Ben Iorio at +44 7591 095896 or iorioben@gmail.com