London, 11 December 2017

Consultation launched on new interconnector project

Developers have announced their plans to engage with local communities on the AQUIND Interconnector project, a subsea electric power transmission link that will connect GB and French electric power grids. If approved, the proposal, led by AQUIND Ltd, will increase competition across energy markets, which could mean lower energy prices for consumers and businesses.

AQUIND Interconnector will use well-tested and reliable technology and no overhead lines in a bid to minimise visual impact.
The UK Government and the European Commission have stated that interconnectors are vital for achieving an integrated energy market in which families and firms get the best value for their money.

Once complete, AQUIND Interconnector will have the capacity to transmit up to 16 million megawatts of electricity per year – equivalent to 5% of the total annual consumption of Great Britain and 3% of the total annual consumption of France.
AQUIND Interconnector will improve security of supply, facilitate renewable energy integration and provide greater flexibility in managing GB’s electricity grid.

At present, it is estimated that AQUIND Interconnector could become operational in 2022.

AQUIND is committed to engaging with stakeholders including local residents, businesses, elected representatives and landowners affected by its proposals. AQUIND will be hosting formal public consultation events in January 2018, which the local community will be invited to attend.

A spokesperson for AQUIND said: “This is an exciting project which brings huge possibilities in terms of improving reliability and promoting competition within the energy market, delivering lower energy prices for consumers. AQUIND Interconnector will achieve this in a sensitive and considered way, achieving minimal visual impact though the absence of overhead lines.


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