London, 16 April 2018

AQUIND Interconnector has been awarded the prestigious “Project of Common Interest” (PCI) status by the European Commission

The European Parliament approved the latest PCI project list featuring AQUIND Interconnector in March 2018.

PCIs are key energy infrastructure projects that address the three challenges of the European energy policy: affordability, security of supply and decarbonisation. AQUIND will make a valuable contribution towards achieving these goals by providing more interconnection within the priority Northern Seas offshore grid corridor.

AQUIND Interconnector has also been recognised as a “Priority Thematic Area Electricity Highways” project.

AQUIND Interconnector’s contribution to socio-economic welfare, reduction of CO2 emissions and integration of renewable energy sources was independently endorsed by ENTSO-e in the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2016.

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Note to editors

About AQUIND Limited:

AQUIND Limited is a UK-registered company whose sole business is the development of AQUIND Interconnector.

AQUIND Limited is not associated with any UK or European utilities. The AQUIND Interconnector project is being developed without government subsidies. For further information about AQUIND, please visit:

About PCI:

More information about the Project of Common Interest status can be found on the European Commission website.