London, 06 April 2023

An open  letter to the Portsmouth News from AQUIND Interconnector

Dear Reader


We are grateful that an extension to the end of April has been approved for all parties to ensure that the Secretary of State is provided with the necessary information.



Britain’s energy transition from fossil fuel relies on intermittent renewable generation,  largely weather-dependent (wind and sun). The AQUIND interconnector guarantees energy security at night, or when there is no wind, by bringing electricity in from France. The existing sub-sea cables aren’t enough for the future needs of the south of England, which is why more are needed.



We propose laying up to 600 meters of cable ducts in different locations at a time. But, even though disruption is temporary, we understand very well the concerns voiced by those whose daily routines may be affected. In particular, the owners at Milton&Eastney allotments who can be assured that the cable will be tunnelled underground in several sensitive places using non-trenching techniques, including the allotments.



Concerns have been voiced by Stephen Morgan MP and Penny Mordaunt MP about security. We do not understand or accept their concerns, which are unfounded. The energy industry is probably the most controlled industry in the UK, regulated and approved by Ofgem. AQUIND Ltd is a privately owned British engineering investment company. Both shareholders, who are British citizens, have invested many millions of pounds. If the £1.3bn project is permitted to proceed, the current ownership structure will change radically with new investors; well-known UK and international institutions.



There has been comment about donations to the Conservative Party. It is important to point out that it is both legal and common for British citizens and companies to support political parties, and no more should be read into it.


Why Portsmouth?

Another question asked is why bring the AQUIND Interconnector cable up the east edge of Portsmouth. Why not somewhere else? The impact on wildlife is often cited. The fact is that after painstaking expert research, the selected route has the least environmental impact of all the alternatives considered or proposed by others and measures to mitigate risks to nature are in place. This is very important to us.


What Next?

The AQUIND Interconnector submission to the Secretary of State will be published soon after 28th April. Once operational, the project will play a vital role in freeing the UK from dependence on fossil fuels and helping reach our national Net Zero objectives.


To answer any questions more fully , please contact AQUIND Interconnector via, or by emailing or calling Aquind’s hotline on 01962 893869.
We are here to listen.