London, 15 February 2018

Consultation responses positive for AQUIND Interconnector

AQUIND has received positive feedback from those that attended recent consultation events in Waterlooville, Eastney and Lovedean held during January 2018.

Across the three events, a total of 278 people attended to view proposals for AQUIND Interconnector, speak with the project team and share their feedback.

To date, the majority of written responses to the consultation have expressed support for the project.

The deadline for submitting feedback is Saturday 24th February 2018.

AQUIND will carefully review all of the feedback received and, where possible, consider amendments to the design of AQUIND Interconnector and the proposed mitigation strategies before submitting planning applications in Summer 2018.

A spokesperson for AQUIND said:

“The initial feedback we have received is extremely welcome and suggests local people are supportive of the project’s aims and the approach we are seeking to take.”

“We would like to thank everyone that took the time to attend a consultation event and share their feedback with us. We encourage others to share their thoughts before the advertised feedback deadline.”

“With the ability to transmit up to 5% of Great Britain’s annual electricity consumption, AQUIND Interconnector will help meet the long-term energy needs of millions of existing households and businesses in the south of England, where growth and demand is highest.”

The local community can contact the project team and submit feedback via:


Notes to Editors:

About AQUIND Limited:

AQUIND Limited is a UK-registered company and its sole business is the development of AQUIND Interconnector.

AQUIND Limited is not associated with any UK or European utilities and the AQUIND Interconnector project is being developed without government subsidies.

For further information about AQUIND, please visit:


Consultation Website:

 Further information is available at


Key Information:

If approved, AQUIND Interconnector will increase competition across energy markets which could mean lower energy prices for consumers and businesses.

AQUIND Interconnector will use well-tested and reliable technology and will not include any overhead lines; striving to achieve as low visual impact as possible.

The UK Government and European Commission have identified that interconnectors are vital for achieving an integrated energy market in which families and firms get the best value for their money.

Once complete AQUIND Interconnector will have the capacity to transmit up to 16 million MWh* of electricity per year – equivalent to 5% of the total annual consumption of Great Britain currently, and 3% of the total annual consumption of France.

The plans will improve security of supply, help to foster greater renewable energy integration, and provide greater flexibility in managing the UK’s electricity grid.

At present, it is estimated that AQUIND Interconnector could become operational in 2022.

Scheme Benefits:

A reliable electricity supply for the UK and France

AQUIND Interconnector will allow transmission of electricity in both directions enabling the UK’s and France’s electricity grids to manage fluctuations in consumption and production more effectively.

This will improve the reliability of electricity supply in both countries. AQUIND Interconnector will have the capacity of 2,000 MW and transmit up to 16 million MWh of electricity each year between the two connected countries, which is 5% and 3% of the total consumption of Great Britain and France respectively, i.e. consumption by millions of households*.

Promoting energy market competition

By diversifying the sources of electricity, AQUIND Interconnector will promote greater competition across domestic energy markets. This could, in turn, help lower energy prices for consumers and businesses.

Tapping into cleaner sources of energy

Production of electricity by low carbon methods, such as wind or solar, is often reliant on local weather conditions. On non-windy days, this means more of our electricity is supplied from fossil fuels.

The construction of AQUIND Interconnector will enable the UK and France to trade surplus electricity generated from low-carbon sources, like wind farms. By tapping into this clean energy, our reliance on fossil fuel-generated energy is reduced.

No overhead lines

AQUIND interconnector will use well-tested and reliable cable technology. Burying the cable along the whole route avoids the need for the construction of overhead lines and their associated visual impact.

Investment in Energy Infrastructure

AQUIND Interconnector represents a significant investment in the UK’s energy infrastructure and is being developed without government subsidies.

* The actual utilisation rate of the interconnector depends on market conditions, limitations by national transmission system operators and other factors


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